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Real Leaders Read! I was inspired by my niece after she shared a story of her 5 year son. He told his mom that soon he would not need her to read to him because, "he was on the train to kindergarten".

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I teach women in supervisory and managerial positions to lead themselves, others and how to manage processes. I'm the host of the Better U Leadership Podcast, founder of the Better U Project, LLC and author of two books and contributing author to another.

I was inspired to write the children's book, "Golom's Magical Gamers" to support parents/guardians, educators, librarians, media specialists, after school directors, homeschoolers and others as they pour into our future leaders.  

I believe REAL LEADERS READ! Either I or one of my trusted loved ones read 3 books a night to my son most nights for the first 5 years of his life. Reading is indeed the gateway to many possibilities. 

After serving in the US Army for 27 years, I know how important it is to prepare our youth for road ahead. I challenge you to start with a book. 

Much Love and Much Respect!

I'm rooting for you.


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